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How do we serve?

The Alaska AMBIT Program, Inc. works with businesses established in Alaska to build expand and thrive through the use of workforce development training, online market expansion, visioning, and loan capital.
Providing these services to Alaskan businesses supports and stimulates economic development across the state; while establishing strong and diverse cultural and industry connections.
​Success starts with a strong foundation. 


AMBIT believes that in order to have a strong class of entrepreneurs and successful business practices entrepreneurs need a healthy foundation. That healthy foundation starts with the right training to help entrepreneurs and youth discover and build upon the skills for financial and entrepreneurial success. Current Training Program Offerings are: BNC - Financial Literacy; BNC - Financial Literacy for youth; Entrepreneurial Skills Development; Entrepreneurial Skills Development for youth; Lean Product Development; Lean Product Development for youth. Contact us for more information or jump to our Downloads page to print off our PR material.


​Home grown crops build a healthy community and economy.


Agriculture in Alaska is the economic sector with the greatest amount of opportunity for Alaskans to start up a business and thrive. It also holds the greatest impact potential due to the high-cost of shipping foods into the state (over 90% of consumption) and loss due to spoilage [often over 40%]. These factors mean that start-up farmers in the state have significant financial room for development and growth of this market for sale directly to local consumers. AMBIT has developed a state-wide agricultural training program for 'production level farmers' that is open to anyone. Our goal is to have farmers producing crops for regional consumers all across the state. Contact us for more information or jump to our Downloads page to print off our PR material.  

Everything start-ups need, nothing they don't.


For at least the past 15 years individuals and organizations in Alaska have sought to launch an incubator to assist start-up companies. Through the creation of the AMBIT program we have succeeded in building a sustainable business incubator. We have successfully helped  entrepreneurs in their start-up phase and for those requesting it, capital acquisition in order to grow their company. The office-space market in Alaska is thin compared to our counterparts down in the lower 48. Start-ups get charged too much money for more space than they can occupy. The AMBIT incubator offers customize-able business consulting service packages along with three different grades of space: Work Station, Office, and Bay. Designed to prepare businesses for the cost of Retail Value space the Incubation cost is based on a gradually increasing monthly rent starting at $0.50 per sq. ft well below any available office space in the Mat-Su. Contact us for more information or jump to our Downloads page to print off our PR material.

Supporting Alaskan businesses to keep the economy strong.


Many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and business development programs have expressed need for financial support and assistance from a program like CDFI's. Unfortunately, there isn't a state-wide non-profit organization, or a for profit organization satisfying the market of small - micro business loans. Leaving a whole market of entrepreneurs and businesses un-tended and withering from lack of funding. AMBIT is completing development of a CDFI with a state-wide reach that satisfies this specific market, and has a Native and Alaskan owned business focus with a locally minded approach. Contact us for more information or jump to our Downloads page to print off our PR material.

If you are a CDFI in Alaska please join us on our LinkedIn group: Alaska CDFI's



Innovation starts with an idea and grows with a goal.


AMBIT is engaged in multiple research projects in order to meet the economic development needs of many of the economic sectors that have the greatest potential to be successful for entrepreneurs and businesses in the state, in the areas of: agriculture, manufacturing, business, industrial, and technology. From research projects, completed by AMBITs skilled and experienced staff, programs like the offerings detailed above are formed. Contact us for more information  or jump to our Downloads page to print off our PR material. If you are looking for a research partner please join us on our LinkedIn group: AMBIT. The link can be found at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for any published research papers reference the list below or follow the jump to our Downloads page. 

*Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS before downloading.

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