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What does AMBIT stand for?

The acronym AMBIT stands for Agriculture, Manufacturing, Business, Industry & Technology.
The Alaska AMBIT Program believes that these five sectors of development are the pillars that hold up our economy.  Our country is entering a period of economic recovery and growth and AMBIT, a non-profit 501C3, wants to help put Alaska at the front of the pack. This is an exciting opportunity for all of Alaska to work together towards an integrated economy effecting positive change and culturally relevant growth.
Our Humble Beginnings
Once a small part of a federally run non-profit AMBIT, a mere side project orginally known as eRaven, only served artists and small business owners by helping them to connect their business to the world of eCommerce. Although the project served a tiny percentage of the overall client pool it quickly became evident that many of the clients seeking to sell online had little foundational knowledge. The first thing that was needed was training in money management. So the AMBIT project team sought out different trainings and tested them to see which best suited our target audience.
Almost as soon as we started offering the financial literacy training the AMBIT client list more than doubled. Soon we would find that our clients needed to expand on their skills gained through the program in order to grow and secure their businesses. The next addition to the training program was basic business planning. We boiled down the Business Consulting services to its most basic elements and with the help of one of our partners we were able to create a detailed curriculum for business planning. 
Year by year the project grew until it was bringing in enough clients that the federal parent program decided it was time that AMBIT stood on its own two feet, or in this case five pillars. AMBIT spun-off under its own business operating license in 2010, and has been offering business development, incubation, eCommerce, education and training services in both face-to-face and online formats to high school students and adults since the programs creation in 2007. Our Vision "To drive economic development by helping Alaskan businesses build, expand and thrive with a strong financial foundation for success" rings true in all AMBIT does.

Meet our Board of Advisors

Our Staff

Thane Humphrey
Executive Director

Thane has worked with AMBIT as the Agriculture and Economic Development Director since it's inception. As of December 2013, Thane has been asked to serve as its Executive Director. We have a great and diverse board of directors, that allows us to draw on many different facets of our communities and commercial sectors.


" I feel honored to have been asked to serve and look forward to the new challenges that lay ahead in our ever changing environment."

Thane Humphrey, Executive Director


Amanda Cannell
Volunteer Manager

Amanda has been working with the AMBIT program as the Program Manager and Project Coordinator since its inception in 2007, she manages the AMBIT program and oversees the implementation of each AMBIT project. As of March 2013, Amanda has stepped down from her full-time role continuing to provide support services whenever available. 

"Helping Alaskan businesses grow and strengthen their communities will go a long way in showing not only how much we can help each other here in the state, but a best practice for communities everywhere."


Amanda Cannell, Program Manager - Volunteer

“Nothing is more important at AMBIT than enhancing the economic development of the State. We are 'do-ers' that get involved at every level, whether that be the generation of the big ideas for broader industry involvment or the individual entrepreneur or small business that needs help from the idea phase all the way through to succesfull product sales. Let's talk about your business." 

Thomas Myers, Founding Director

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