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Events & Opportunities

Check back with us here or on any of our networking groups                        for updates on Partnership opportunities, Job postings, and Upcoming Events.
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Partnerships & Support

If you are seeking support and / or partnership look no further than AMBIT.  We believe in cooperation across all entities in the state. So many companies are focused more on bottom-line impact than on whether or not they are doing all that they can to improve the circumstances in their target market. Shutting out 'competitive' businesses and stealing concepts from each other that may offer services to fill a need gap is common place.

At AMBIT we embrace organizations offering similar services and offer our continued partnership and support. We believe that it is not only better to work together as a team implementing positive change in the state, but also that it is only with the help of many that you can accomplish great things. 

Working with AMBIT is very rewarding for any organization, business, or individual. With an honorable mention on our Partners page your business will have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with an organization committed to continuing improvement in the state of Alaska. AMBIT will offer 'Letters of Support' where applicable, and inform its network of partners to stand by a supported cause.

To partner with AMBIT go to the Contact us page and tell us a little bit about your organization.

Events & Courses

Click on the event title for more details. 

Careers at AMBIT

A career at AMBIT is more than a mere job, it is an opportunity for you to learn, experience, and shine. Click on the job title to get the full job posting.

AMBIT P/T Program Intern - Not Yet Posted

AMBIT P/T Accountant - Not Yet Posted

AMBIT P/T Receptionist - Not Yet Posted

AMBIT Contractor Program - More Info Here

To apply:


Title the eMail: Job Title - Last, First Name - mm/dd/yy Attach documents in the following order: Job Description; Cover Letter (required for management positions, all others optional); Resume; Application

In Person
Bring in: Cover Letter (required for management positions, all others optional); Resume
You may fill out the Application in person (by hand).

Call us with any questions about our Application process. Please do not call about jobs that have not yet been posted. Job Descriptions are being created.

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