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Our Founders

This page is dedicated all those who worked tirelessly to make The Alaska AMBIT Program, Inc. a reality.
Thank you for dedication and perserverance,

The Ambit Staff

Thomas A. Myers

Founding Staff

Executive Director

Without Tom this program would have never got it start. Tom was the idea man behind the very beginnings of the AMBIT program. It was his love for the state combined with the knowledge of Alaska's economic sector that gave way to the first project 'AMBIT' ever launched. 


Tom stepped down in December of 2013, to pursue his dreams of writing. He has a 6-book series called 'Powers of the Earth' as well as many featured published articles.


Amanda M. Cannell

Founding Staff

Program/Operations Manager

Without Amanda this program would not have been able to overcome the many obstacles it was presented with during the development and establishment of the organization. Amanda not only carried out the implementation of each project but made our Founding Directors 'big ideas' come to life. It was her know-how, creativity and dedication that paved the way for 'AMBIT' to realize its dream of becoming its own 501(c)3.


Amanda stepped down in March of 2013, to move to Ohio but continues to provide volunteer support.

Ed Hansen

Founding Board Member

Board Chairman

As the very first Board Chairman of the Alaska AMBIT Program, Inc. Ed Hansen provided invaluable guidance and field expertise. Ed has been a respected member of the Alaskan banking community and commerce community for over 40 years. 

Rose Ellis

Founding Staff


Without Rose the transition from sub-program to independent organization would have certainly been a rocky one. Rose was instrumental in the development of the programs as well as the implementation and reporting. 

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